In the beginning…

    Smith Island Beans was conceived, and came to life on Smith Island in 2008 after a bleary-eyed sailboat voyager came searching for a cup of coffee...At this moment, the idea to create an oasis for the coffee-lover was spawned. A niche had to be filled, and so began the quest for an appropriate venue.
    Growing up in NYC, the coffee cart was a common sight on many a corner—offering coffee, bagels, rolls and donuts. The decision was clear---bring a NYC coffee cart to Smith and set up as “The New York Experience.”
    After negotiating with a cart maker in Queens, NY, Smith Island welcomed the cart and its freshly roasted coffee, offered in a French Press!
    Today, Smith Island Beans operates from John Sneade's 19th century home across the road from “Scud In," and is the only small-batch roastery on Smith Island.