Blackshaw Thriller Blends


Robert Blake Whitehill, the award-winning, critically acclaimed, bestselling author and screenwriter of the Ben Blackshaw Thriller series, is a native of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Raised in a Quaker family, he plied the waters and skies of the Chesapeake Bay as a boater and pilot, learning to treasure this unique ecosystem and her stalwart people.


Diving the Chesapeake Bay for oysters after a late season hurricane, former Navy SEAL Ben Blackshaw discovers the recent wreck of a speedboat loaded with twenty metal cases. Nineteen of the cases are filled with gold bullion.The twentieth case conceals a dirty bomb, its timer ticking down to zero just twenty-four hours away. At the helm of the wreck lies the body of a man Blackshaw hasn’t seen in fifteen years: his father. Blackshaw must protect the gold and his Smith Island home from marauding government agents, disarm the bomb, and save the love of his life. If he fails, he will have lost the opening skirmish to World War III.

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“Coffee fuels my writing the Ben Blackshaw series. Aram Polster, my dear friend, and the Blend Master at Smith Island Beans, really gets what Blackshaw is all about, his strength, his focus. An alliance between Blackshaw and Smith Island Beans is the perfect product based in the perfect location.” -Robert Blake Whitehill, Author of the Ben Blackshaw Series

 “All Whitehill’s Ben Blackshaw thriller titles sounded powerful, energetic, and dynamic like different coffee blends. And since the books’ action hero is from here on Smith Island, home of Smith Island Beans, it was a natural fit.” -Aram Polster, President and Blend Master, Smith Island Beans

Blackshaw Thriller Blend LAUNCHING —Labor Day 2019!